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About Dnyan Ganga

Dnyan Ganga Education Trust, A Trust Registered with Charity Commissioner, Mumbai,Under the Public Trust Act, 1950,vide serial No.E 11189.Spread of education, relief to the poor, medical relief and welfare of the society in general are the objectives of the trust. Presently Dnyan Ganga Education Trust has, established an educational complex at Borivade (Behind Parshwanath Engineering College) Kasarvadavali Naka, Ghodbunder Road, Thane, Maharashtra. This complex includes :-

  • Dnyan Ganga Education Trust's International School affiliated to ICSE Boards New Delhi.
  • Dnyan Ganga Education Trust's Junior College of commerce and science recognized by Government of Maharashtra.
  • Dnyan Ganga Education Trust's Degree College afiliated to University Of Mumbai and
  • Dnyan Ganga Education Trust's College of Education (B.Ed) recognized by the National Counil for Teacher Education (NCTE) and also recognized by Government of Maharashtra and afiliated to University Of Mumbai.